We all know how reliant we are – at home and in business – on technology. This is no more evident than when things go wrong.

Thinking ‘it won’t happen to me’ is a risky business with technology. If you rely on computers or other technology in any way – anything from home correspondence and finance to customer databases – it is essential that you put in place appropriate systems to protect your systems and data. offers a full range of services to ensure that your computers and other systems function at their best and in the event of something going wrong, that you are back up and running with minimal down-time and inconvenience.

Quite simply, we take the hassle out of IT. Our services include:

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Prevent common computer problems by having a 'Health Check' for your systems. Tailored to your needs and budget .......

Mzuri Design, Communications & Marketing

"We continue to rave about you to everyone who will listen! Quite simply, you know your stuff and make our business run more efficiently and effectively. Many thanks."